Welcome to Spiti- First view

Day 1 The conquest of Jalori

Day 2 Chitkul- The last village of India

Day 3 Kinnaurified
Day 4

Today, started my day early morning at 6:00 am, so decided to go off for a walk around in Nako.During my walk soon I came across a serene and calm small lake. Enthralled by the beauty of nature there, I decided to click around there and in village area.After I came back had breakfast with Roushan and then decided to take a quick walk around the lake again as he hasn’t been to lake due to late sleeping.

Morning reflections over the Nako lake
Beautiful heavenly reflections, loved the morning hour clicks while water was silent
Heavenly village of Nako
First glimpse of newly build Nako Monastery
A monochromatic view nearby Nako
Panoramic view of a Biker at Maling Nallah

Afterwards we started our ride towards Kaza.Roads there were in prime condition so it was real fun riding in the Himalayas. In no time we reached Chango and then from there to Sumdo Post and then we left from Kinnaur to Spiti valley.As Roushan was having permits for Kaurik we parted our roads and I took my way to Geu Village to get blessings from 500 yrs old Mummy which was found in Geu Village few years back while ITBP guys were cutting the rocks. It was fun offroading till Geu and in approximate 02 hours. People are building new Monastery alongside the Mummy and it was quite chilly experience there as very cold winds were blowing at the place. Even i couldn’t spot a single tea shop in whole village and the place have to be develop soon to attract the tourists to the Village.

Stunningly beautiful Moonscape en-route Chango
Welcome to Spiti valley says the board near Sumdo
On the way to Geu village to witness the sacred mummy
Gue village seen from the site where mummy was found, the village is like 8 kms on the left of main road while going towards Kaza from Sumdo.
Sacred mummy at Gue which was found while cutting down the mountain. As per stories when ITBP guys were cutting the mountain they saw blood on stones and realized they have hit the mummy and blood came from it. It is also said after mummy was established its hairs and nails started growing at its own, so its sacred mummy is know to be around 500 years old.

I joined back the main road towards Tabo Monestry. Ride was good on a bright sunny day but the roads getting worse and worse after Chango. It was fun ride and reached Tabo around noon. After having lunch explored the monastery a bit and started my journey back towards Kaza.

On the way to Tabo monastery riding alongside Spiti river
Highway to Tabo, Riding was sheer fun
Beautiful Chorthen at Tabo Monastery

On the way saw the road towards Dhankar Monastery so visited there but half heartedly skipped Dhankar lake for the next time ride into the valley again. Around evening reached Kaza hired a room and waited for Roushan who reached around 9:30pm.It was tiring day but had fun, Dream of getting to Spiti valley was getting fulfilled.

Here are few pics of the ride and I think i need not speak let the pictures speak.

Beautiful India- Confluence of Spiti river and Pin river(left)
Dhankar Monastery also know as Dhank Ghar in local language one of the Oldest in the valley is beautiful build over the decaying mountain.
Closure view of the Gompa
Panoramic view of Dhankar Monastery
Confluence of Pin river and Spiti river
Spiti river Panoramic view
Another view of Dhankar Monastery from the road to Kaza
Panoramic view of beautiful mountain formations on the way
Prayer flags and a Chorthen near Kaza

Day 5 Sky villages of Spiti

Day 6-10 Pin Valley Mud Suprise

Day 11-12 Kaza-Manali A Different Feel