The conquest of Jalori

All set for the Ride

Its been now quite a while a was repeatedly hearing about Jalori Jot or Jalori Pass (at 3135 mts) now and then from many guys and many done that telling their tales about the Pass itself as it is one of the most steepest and toughest motorable pass in Himachal.

Pandoh dam outlet
Beas river view

Crossing Mandi and Pandoh was not a big deal and reaching Aut was piece of cake, from there a right turn lead me to one of the famous and beautiful Banjar valley, so serene so cool even in the month of May-June, and slowly as I aproached Banjar the accent started to increase slowly and steadily. Sooner it got quite steeper and reached Jibhi in no time.Chill in the wind and treat for the eyes, the main event of the ride around Jibhi.

One of the major traffic jams in Himalayas
Welcome to Banjar valley


The accent kept on rising and all of a sudden i felt my Bullet 350 started giving up slowly but somehow i managed to keep it working upto somewhere around 5 kms away from Jalori Top. And shit happened, Bullet refused to climb up anymore and gave up. Tried kicking it many times but couldn’t start it. Now what frustration started copping up and thoughts of getting down started to came but i was not ready to do that, Jalori can’t defeat me and my bullet, I have climbed much more higher passes than that so i decided not to give up. First thing was to take out the Air filter as it was leaking with Engine oil, gave a try it dint work. Now time to clean the pipes taking supply to engine but again it didn’t work. Now what nothing working out and now fear of going down started again to cope up in my mind. Then finally it was turn of Spark Plug, Somehow managed to take out hot spark plug from burning engine and Bingo it was full of carbon so black, and thank god i always carry a spare spark plug with me, changed the plug and bingo my Darling started like anything, What an awesome roar and here I go again climbing the steepness of Jalori at 2nd and 3rd gear and in no time i was at top .

Accent to Jalori pass
Mahakali temple at Jalori Top
Beautiful patch while Decending Jalori


Had a small pit stop, had tea and clicked few clicks around and then started further journey to Rampur via Aani. It was a huge decent like about 30-40 kms and as i was going down all the fun of cool breeze gone away and reaching Aani was worst nightmare for a guy looking for relief from hot summers. Aani was burning up like high 40’s and it continues till Rampur. Had lunch on the way and got my Bike fixed at Rampur as it was having an extra quota of Engine Oil in engine which was removed there and got a brand new Air Filter and got my tank filled at Rampur and called of the day in Jhakri at my friend’s place . And weather God got happy on me and it drizzled over Jhakri alongwith some Thunderstorm.

Evening at Mountains of Rampur

Day 2 Chitkul- The last village of India

Day 3 Kinnaurified

Day 4 Welcome to Spiti-First View

Day 5 Sky villages of Spiti

Day 6-10 Pin Valley Mud Suprise

Day 11-12 Kaza-Manali A Different Feel