Sky villages of Spiti valley

Day 1 The conquest of Jalori

Day 2 Chitkul- The last village of India

Day 3 Kinnaurified

Day 4 Welcome to Spiti-First View

It was a day to explore Spiti region and places around Kaza. We got to know about 3 village above 4400 mts in the region nearby Langza, Komic and Hikkim, so me and Roushan Singh decided to explore the region. It was nice ride and amazing views, had traditional lunch at Langza monastery as there was a festival going on and all nearby villagers gathered there. It was real treat to vitness the beauty of Chau Chau Kang Nilda peak, the highest n the region. Komic village is one of the highest inhabited village in the world and Hikkim village with the highest Post office in the world were real highlight of the day. The most mesmerizing moment of the day was awesome view of Spiti river basin and bird eye view of Kaza while descending towards Kaza from Hikkim village. Here are the pics.

View of Spiti river and Kaza town


The Biker Roushan Singh and his view
Spiti river basin is most amazing river basin I have ever seen
Yet another view from the Stunning river basin
My Royal Enfeild at Langza 1

Langza – a small village in Spiti Valley, located at an altitude of 14435 feet, or above 4400 metres. It is a picture-perfect village with an exceptionally beautiful snow-clad mountain looking over it. A golden statue of the medicine Buddha sat high on a knoll above the village, warding off the illnesses coming up from below. In the background is the mountain peak, locally called Chau Chau Kang Nilda.

There’s a nice folklore from Spiti about this mountain…..Chau Chau means little girl or princess, Kang is a snow-capped mountain, Ni or Nima means sun and Da or Dawa means moon. So this is the princess mountain on which the sun & moon shine.

This story starts years ago. Langza village gets its water from this mountain’s stream so every summer someone was sent to check the stream & remove any obstacles. They also had to watch over the stream through the season.

One day Landup was sent to check the stream. Landup was a lazy man & rather enjoyed playing his lute. So off he went to the base of the mountain. After he had checked the stream he sat down by it to play his lute and was soon lost in its music. After finishing his piece he opened his eyes to find a beautiful woman standing before him. She stared at him transfixed and slowly said. ‘Landup I love your music would you play for me again.’ Landup couldn’t say no to such an ethereal beauty so he started to play again.

The beauty told him after he finished that she was the Chau Chau Kang Nilda fairy & she would like him to come often and play. Landup agreed and left at the end of the day. From then on he kept trying to get the job to check the stream. Over the season they fell in love and continued to see each other during the summers that followed.

It was during the winter a few years later that a drunk Landup was lazing about. His wife saw this and reminded him of some work he had to do. Drunken Landup got upset and shouted back that he rather be with the Chau Chau Kang Nilda fairy who didn’t ask him to work. To this his wife asked him to stop dreaming but by then Landup had passed out. In the morning Landup woke up covered in boils & pain. He then remembered what had happened the night before & also remembered that the fairy had asked him never to mention her.

Now he was really worried, the boils marred his handsomeness & he tried everything through winter to be rid of them. But nothing worked.

As soon as summer came & he was no longer house bound he ran to the stream. He played his lute, called out, cried & even screamed but the fairy didn’t come. He never saw her again. And every time he went near the mountain the weather turned nasty & he had to turn back.

Even today when a man tries climbing up Chau Chau Kang Nilda the weather turns nasty. It is said the fairy is still nursing her broken heart and will not let any man come near her.

Source of Story

Langza village with Chau Chau Kang Nilda peak in backdrop, Highest in the region.
Beautiful heavenly village of Langza
Medicine Budha taking care of Himalayas at Langza
Medicine Budha at Langza
Fields at Langza

Few clicks inside the Langza Monastery

Prayer Lamps inside the monastery
Inside Monestry
Monk asking Blessings for us
Cute kid at Langza

Then we further moved to Komic village after crossing Lagza 2. It was quite a ascent towards Komic village.

All about Village Komic
Komic village in Laps of Himalayas with snow clad mountains surrounding at 4513 mts
Komic Monastery- Highest monastery in Spiti region
Komic monastery with Shining sun
On the way to Demul village but finally a road block stopped me going further ahead

After knowing we cant move further ahead, we decided to headback to Kaza and visit Hikkim on the way back. Hikkim is famous for having worlds highest Post Office.Hikkim has population of 600. There is a motorable road till Hikkim. The nearest main post office is at Kaza, located 25 kms away. The nearest hospital is at Kaza. Around 50 people have a savings account in the Hikkim post office. The post office handles around 15-20 letters everyday. Mr Chhering has been at the post office since November 1983.

If you thought that highest post office in the world is at Jungfraujoch (11333 feet) think again. It is not even Mount Fuji (12290 feet). The world?s highest post office is in India.This branch post office is located in small town of Hikkim, in Lahaul Spiti district of Himachal Pradesh. It is located at height of 15500 feet. The pin code for this post office is 172114. Source-StampsofIndia

Hikkim village seen from Far while descending from Komic
Hikkim village with snow clad mountains in backdrop
Summit of Chau Chau Kang Nilda in backdrop with Hikkim Village
Bird eye view of Kaza Town
Yet another view of Spiti river basin, Its just so beautiful
Shinning streams of Spiti river in evening with Rangrik village in left 
Rangreek village seen from the Top

Day 6-10 Pin Valley Mud Suprise

Day 11-12 Kaza-Manali A Different Feel