Pin Valley Revisited

After being stuck in Pin Valley, waling through the deserted roads of Spiti valley[for complete story read:Pin Valley Mud Suprise], it was time to get back to Pin Valley to get my Bullet back. I was in regular touch with Mr. Tundup regarding the road connectivity to the Pin Valley and after a long wait of 40 days he asked me to come down to the valley to take my bullet back as the road was almost cleared by then. With no time wasted, I packed up my bags and hoped into an HRTC bus to Manali . I reached Manali at around 5 AM and just missed the cab to Spiti by an hour and there was no other mode of transportation to Kaza from Manali .There was only 1 bus that leaves Kullu early in the morning at 2:30 am due to rush at Rohtang pass, and many cabs cover the Manali Kaza route on sharing basis. So I decided to wait a full day in Manali and took a room at a strategic location, in the Hotel Kiran  which is  the starting point of all  modes of transportation to Spiti valley.Then i decided to go to the famous Manu temple located in Old Manali and explore the region to kill time. Wandered around till the evening, then went for a movie  and called  the day off early as I had to get up early next morning to get a cab.
Beautiful Manu Temple in Old Manali
Beautiful green forest far away on Rohtang Mountains
Garden view on the way to Old Manali
Next morning I woke up on time and was lucky enough to find a private vehicle leaving for Kaza. It was a brand new Xylo with only 4 passengers . This made me wonder how lucky I was to find the conveyance instead of an old Tata Sumo with 4 people sitting in middle seat, It would have been a terrible experience. We reached Rohtang top in no time and with no fuss as there was no traffic at all in the morning and the pleasant sunrise at the top was just so amazing. Reached Chatru, had breakfast there and kept on move on. A chilly cold cloudy day , mesmerizing natural beauty. Let only pictures talk.
Angels in the Xylo traveling along with me
Beautiful mountains welcoming Into Spiti valley and Chandra river
One of may water crossings and cloudy chilly day in the valley
Game of Sun and Clouds in the wilderness
Jai ho HRTC, Right into the Wild
A surreal HDR of a Surreal valley
A valley view at Batal small tea break and Fantastic breathtaking view
High snow mountains, Deep valley, Raging river and rough roads its all about riding in Himalayas
Road to Chandertaal
Old deserted road to Kunzum Top full of zigs and excitement
Met few Israelis on the way to Kaza who were on a group expedition in Mahindra Jeeps
Wilds enjoying the Real Wilderness
Another beautiful Surreal village view at Losar
Trying grey shades of Ansel Adams, Amazing cloud formations
Spiti river- One of the most amazing Rivers I have ever seen
Chau Chau Kang Nilda summit and Key Gompa in the same frame

Ah what a delight. Reached Kaza around 2 pm with very ease. Since the Xylo was heading towards Tabo so they offered me a lift till Atargu. As soon as we entered the Kaza market I saw Mr. Tundup and approached him. He was a little surprised but happy to see me and asked me to wait as some vehicle was going to Pin valley and arranged a Lift for me till the point of slush. I was amazed to see how things had changed since i left the valley 40 days back. The slush had completely dried up and was one km long . The road cutting work was under progress and only 50 mts of road was left from cutting and they had made a small trail for walking across. Finally I saw my Darling after 40 days and to my surprise in prime condition with not a single dust particle over. 

Pin valley Lake made due to Mud slush first view after 40 days- Pin Valley revisited
The reason for the Lake
First look of my Darling after long 40 odd days, Pheww A real Long wait
I had to wait for the labor to arrive as it was not possible to take my bullet out of the Pin valley without any help. They came around 5 pm and agreed to help me cross the bike. I started the bullet and Ah! the experience, the feeling of riding the bike after 40 long days. Wow! cant explain in words 🙂 , and in no time we reached the spot where road building work was on . I was shocked to see the blasting. Around 20 mts of area was still remaining to be cleared . I was worried now and and wondered if the laborers would help me cross. What of they refused? I would be stuck in the valley for yet another day at least. But after a successful effort of an hour of 4 laborers, Mr. Tundup and myself, we crossed the area.  Now i was free bird with my bullet Out of the Pin Valley. I thanked Mr. Tundup for his generosity and paid 600 rupees to the labourers as without them it wouldn’t have been possible at all to get out of that mess.
The Block which was stopping my bike in Pin valley, Guys getting warmed up before lifting her up
Mission started- even these guys were not enough, I also had to put effort
First part was this-Huge boulders
Second part was this small trail which was steep and narrow
Third and final part was a curve and a steep descend and we were through with might 200 kg machine
Newly constructed road in Pin valley and I was the first one to Ride 
The team which really deserve a huge applause as they did a real great work
Now I was flying on my bullet enjoying the scenes of nature, Pin river and Spiti valley and was on the way to complete my unfinished Spiti Solo Ride. Reached Kaza around 7 pm and parked my bullet. The joy of getting my bullet back can never be explained. Neither could have I done it that day , nor today and neither will I ever be able to explain it in future !


Finally after long 40 odd days I was back on my track to finish a Unfinished Ride
Beautiful cloud formations and Landscape offered by nature while exiting from Pin Valley at Pin-Spiti river confluence
Final shot before Leaving Pin valley
My bullet back on Road and it was never better before
Beautiful cloudy Sunset nearing Kaza

Infographic: The Cove Campaign is Working