Pangi Valley revisited- A tale of two childhood friends

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It was that part of year when all the mountain passes in Himalayas begins to open one by one depending upon the amount of snow and strategic importance to the country as many of them lies in Border areas or connects border roads. Among all those passes one is Sach Pass situated at around 4500 mts it stands high and rough as it connects the most remotest valleys of Himachal Pradesh with rest of world or rest of Himachal as other alternate route to reach is through Kishtwar region of Jammu and Kashmir. Its of not that much strategic importance to BRO so it the most late opening pass of the state. I already had plans of going to Pangi valley this year in my newly made Gypsy and was looking for company for this adventurous trip and here got the call from Amit Sharma, my childhood friend who was burning in the Delhi heat of May end and was looking to get away from the city. And within 3 days everything was planned in he got his bus from Delhi to Hamirpur on 29th night, reached here in the morning and around 12 O clock we left the town with loads of smiles 🙂 .

Here is the link for my old trip to Pangi Valley- Pangi Ordeal my 1st Visit

We planned to drive till the dark so Amit also gets some rest before big day, as it was his first trip into the higher Himalayas. It was around 8 hour drive and covered around 220 kms and lots of fun.

Here I leave you with the pictures of day 1 and a video made by Amit Sharma through his I-phone.

Chubari town_ A small adobe in Himalayas

Two friends- Amit and My gypsy 😉

Chamaba Town as seen on that evening

A full moon shot from the Hotel we stayed in .


Day 2

Climbing the Sach Pass-Killar-Sural Bhatori

It was big day for both of us, Amit’s first trip to higher Himalayas and mine 2nd trip the valley so reliving the moments for me, I knew from earlier experiences that it was going to huge adrenaline rush for both of us. Pangi Ordeal my 1st Visit for my prior visit to the valley. It was early start to the day and sooner we were flying on the roads and in no time we were around Bairagarh. Had a amazing breakfast there and continued our journey to Killar where one of my collage senior was waiting for us. The journey was amazing and I cannot express that through words so I am leaving you with pictures and small video of the day .

Tissa views in the mornings

Kalaban- the name itself defines the place

Road towards Sach pass

Amazing views while climbing Sach pass

Flow of the waterfall.

Many waterfalls and water crossings around Satrundi

A Panorama of the mountains

Snow line

Amazing mountain roads

Gypsy resting at Sach Top.

A selfie

Even higher snow walls

what more one can ask for in Summers

Beautiful waterfall on the road

Under the waterfall

Sach pass and the terrain

Glacial roads

Bridge over Chanderbhaga

The Bridge

The Chanderbhaga


I also recorded the journey on my SJCAM –


Reached Killar around 4 o clock and met with my collage Senior Dr. Raj Kumar Sharma a resident of the valley who took us for another beautiful small journey to Sural Bhatori village in the Pangi Valley, 30 odd kms from the Kilar and last civilized village in that part of the Valley. Village is quite famous for the Gompa there and surrounded by the Bhoj Patra forest which grows around and above 4500 mts . A small FRH there was our place to stay with lots of local drinks and company .

Cliffhanger – road to Kishtwar

Kishtwar-Killar road

Surla Bhatori village accent

Surla Bhatori Village

Still climbing after village

Amazing Sunset

Beauty around Surla Bhatori

A Panorama

And the road ends here

Amazing beauty around the spot

Party Time with Friends

In the wild

Amazing landscapes

Last light of teh day

The Livestock

Night around the rest house

A grey scale of moon rise

Moon rise in the valley.

Here is the Video of Day 2 made by Amit Sharma


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