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Its been a while I and Naveen shared a journey to the remotest parts of the State Chamba-Tissa-Pangi-Udaipur road. It was kind of marathon covering 1900 odd kms in 6 days and around 70% off road on worlds most treacherous side, crossing many high passes covered with pile of snow, less oxygen, strictly sticking to camps in nights. It was one of the best trips in one of the worlds most reliable 4×4 off The Maruti Gypsy. It all started during May 2016 when we planned to explore the Pangi valley, all Plans were Finalised and we took of to the journey in mid June to explore the most remotest areas of Himachal Pradesh.

Video ofย  Sach Pass Drive

Day 1 Hamirpur-Tissa (263 kms)

We started our journey around 15th of June around 4 o clock we left homes. It was lonf ride and planned to reach Tissa. Many of fellow friends always asked me best way to reach Chamba and I always recommend the Chamba-Jot road as it gives complete feeling of reaching Chamba town. it was a marathon ride with zero visibility at Jot. We camped at PWD rest House Tissa around 1 am at Night.

Few clicks of Day 1

Game of sun and clouds

Rain god giving us showers of Blessing around Sihunta

Chubari as seen in Nights

Day 2 Tissa-FRH Sugalwas(Near Shaur)(125 kms)

It was mix day, Early wake up, after freshing up in Rest house and having morning tea we started out next journey to conquer Sach pass. Wiki says Sach Pass is a 4,420-metre-high (14,500 ft) mountain pass in Chamba District, Himachal Pradesh, India on the Pir Panjal Range of theHimalayas. It is 127 km (79 mi) from the District Headquarters. It connects theChamba valley with the Pangi valleys ofHimachal Pradesh, India.

It was mid June so pass was recently opened for LMV’s. Tons of snow on both sides of road, chilly winds and lots of adrenaline. After filling up our bellies at Satrundi post we headed forward to cross the pass and have real feel of Pangi Valley. Rest I will let my pictures speak for me.

Morning at Tissa

Enroute Tissa-Bairagarh

That snowy mountain seen from Bairagarh is J&K

View around Bairagarh

Gadasru mahadev peak as seen from Bairagarh

Kalaban stands for Black Forest between Bairagarh and Satrundi

One of many Gujjars in the region with his livestock

Beautiful Valley

Common traffic jam in the Himalayan region

The beast the 4×4 gypsy

Valley seen from Satrundi

Another one featuring the vehicle of Transportation

Approaching Sach Pass

Snow around the way to Sach pass

Snow walls enroute Sach PAss

High snow walls of Sach Pass

Last climb to the Sach Pass Top

Sach Pass temple.

We crossed the top around 1 pm and as we entered the other side of valley weather turned quite nasty and we encountered a hail drizzle for next hour or so untill we reach Bhagotu Nala check post. After having some snacks we continued our journey deep into the valley which had stored amazing views and lots of adventure.

Bhoot Ground seen from Sach Top

Bhoot ground yet another view

Me ๐Ÿ˜‰

Even higher snow walls on other side of pass

Road to Pangi Valley

Another beautiful landscape in the Valley

Bhagotu Nala check post

Beautiful mountains of Pir Panjal

Another waterfall and the deadly roads

Beast in the Valley

Valley view

Under waterfall crossing

Amazing valley and beauty of waterfall

Decending deep into the valley

Another nomad with his livestock.

Making the way

Tree line comes back with amazing roads through them

HRTC well no words to them all respect

Bridge over chanderbhaga

We reached near Killar diversion around 5 o clock and decided to carry on towards Udaipur as Keylong Leh was also on cards, decided to leave Killar and surroundings for the next visit to the valley. The Udaipur Killar section is 80 kms on papers but believe me thats just on paper. Its the most worst roads I have traveled on. We decided to head till the dawn and in next 2 hours we reached a place called Shaur where we had our dinner a local cooked yummy Mutton and chapati and we camped at Forest rest house just few minutes away from the village. we couldn’t find room in rest house as it was Panchayat polling day so all rooms were booked for the polling parties. It was fun day.

Few more clicks till Shaur.

The road leading towards Udaipur from Killar

Valley beautiful with Chanderbhaga in view

Amazing chanderbhaga

Beautiful valley and deadly roads

The jungle mountain

Last click of day before dawn

Video of Sach Pass drive

So our plan for next day were decided and its gonna be long day sa we decided to hit Leh headquaters from the point where we staying. Udaipur was 50 odd kms from the place we stayed and another 400 kms odd Himalayan kms in a day would be a huge task.

What adventures are stored will be taken in next post.

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  1. L.C.Dogra.

    Beautiful nature,dangerous roads and crossings are best for thrilling experience for adventurers.
    Really Appreciating.
    Wish you a safe journey ahead.
    Mr. Akash.

  2. Amit Chaudhary

    Feels like I’m traveling with you guys ๐Ÿ™‚
    Beautiful description with more beautiful and lively pics as well. Wishing you more beautiful journeys like this one so that readers can have the feel at least of what it is to at such places in the Himalayas. ๐Ÿ™