Hamirpur-Tissa-Pangi-Leh-Manali-Hamirpur Part 2

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Day 3 Shaur(Pangi valley) to Leh (460 kms)

It was our longest day on the road of this trip so we had a early start. Woke up around 4 and after refreshing up and packing all stuff we were ready to move on the road around 5 am . the best thing of this trip was we were moving early and driving into nights so both the golden hour of morning and evening was available for lots of photographs. we were around 50 0dd kms away from Udaipur but I never thought we will have to drive long 4 hours to cover those. The worst road where one could not accelerate, unpaved with bumps, stones, gravel, mud I mean there are no words I can explain that road one have to go and experience it. But ya the valley had many things to offer especially for a photographer. I will let the pictures talk.

Morning journey and the Chanderbhaga

Valley view, Pangi Valley

Beauty of Chanderbhaga

Amazing Landscape

First light of morning on mountains

Chanderbhaga and the mountains

Yet another stunning view

Peeking through- The mountain view

Amazing curves of Chanderbhaga

Sunrays peaking through the valley

The grey scale of mountain

Grey scale version of valley

Approaching Udaipur on a amazing morning

After having Breakfast at Udaipur we continued our journey to Keylong. It took couple of hours in Keylong for making fuel stop and small vehicle checkup and we hit the road to Leh. Journey was cool with lots of pit stops and amazing views which can only be seen cannot explained in words. Things were pretty good until we reach More plains after crossing four high passes over 16000 feet on the treacherous Manali-Leh Highway, those are Baralachala La, Lachlung La, Naki La, and Tanglang La.

amazing views between Udaipur and Keylong

Yet another stunning valley view

HRTC at its best

Valley Beautiful

Bridge connecting the valleys

The confluence of Chandra and Bhaga at Tandi

Approaching Zingzing bar

A cyclist on Manali Leh highway

Climbing Baralacha la

One of the nullahs on the way to Baralacha La

Deepak Taal

Surajtal- the aqua color of water

Suraj taal seen from distance

The decend after Baralacha La

Amazing colored mountains at Bharatpur Glacier

The dare devils of HRTC

The glacial watersnear Bharatapur Glacier

Plains of Bharatpur

Sarchu Plains

Yet another beauty at Sarchu Plains

Sarchu Plains -another view

Approaching Gata loops

Wildlife at Gata loops

Somewhere near Naki La

Light fading away between Naki La and Lachlung LA

amazing light show in mountains- The golden hour

Amazing lights around Kangla Jal

It was quite windy as usual at plains and we encountered our first and only flat Tyre on amazingly paved highway. It took half and hour untill we changed the Tyre and continued our journey to Tanglang la where traffic was on hault just 4 kms before the top. There was a truck stuck on the cliff and no way to cross the vehicles. People were making Jugaad on the cliff side so vehicles can pass. here come our Gypsy to rescue. We cleared the traffic and came to front of the jam as only 2 vehicles were ahead of us and here come 4X4 L. broom broom and compact Gypsy was on the other side of the truck and rest of people with big SUV’s looking at us in pitch dark , forgot to mention it was already around 10 O clock and freezing cold out .

More Plains- During fixing the flat Tyre

Tanglang La long exposure after passing through the Jam.

It was fun ride as we reached around 12 at Leh where we failed to search the hotel where my friend”s friends were staying. So somehow we spent the night in some Friendly neighborhood đŸ˜‰


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