Off The Trail Cabins-Owners Point of View

Off The Trail Cabins-Owners Point of View

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Tucked away on the slopes of the Tirthan mountains, Off the Trail Cabins can’t be spotted till you’re about 50 meters away. Once you walk into the place, the first thing that will strike you is the view. Surrounded by mountain ranges of the lower Himalayas, the 360-degree view of snow-peaked mountains is breathtaking. The second thing that catches your eye is the quaint wooden cabins. You can’t miss the sweet fragrance of deodar pine woods that make the walls and flooring. The rooms are cozy, well-furnished with comfortable beds and blankets. Their sloped granite roofs and large windows provide plenty of room for the warmth to be trapped inside. Built at an elevation of 2400 m, it gets nippy in the winters with temperatures capable of dropping sub-zero during December-January. You want to wake up early at sunrise and soak up as much of the warm winter sun as possible. Lights out by 9 PM is quite common in the winters.

Hot water, timely meals, a fire at night and friendly hosts – these are daily staples. Palatable hot meals, cooked home-style are Chef Django’s specialty. With duplex cottages, double rooms and a dorm, you can be accommodated with a group as big as 4 or as small as just yourself.

It’s the perfect spot to experience the mountain life, away from commercial nonsense that some parts are becoming. Whether you’re looking for a few days of tranquility to get away from your daily routine, or a longer stint to reflect and get some work done, you can make your way to these beautiful cabins.

Django’s Kitchen specialties:
– Django’s herbal tea
– Chicken curry
– Kadi chawal
– Carrot and seviya kheer

Things to do:
– Unlimited relaxation
– Beautiful spots to trek to
– Temples to visit in the vicinity

– Hot water
– Electricity (without backup)
– Cell phone and data connectivity
– Blankets, fresh towels

Breakfast, lunch and dinner included as per request. Tea will be served twice a day. Boiled water will available to drink upon request.

How to get here:
Fly to Chandigarh.
Take the bus from Chandigarh to Manali, get off at Aut. The bus reaches Aut at 6.30 AM. Take the 6.45 AM local bus to Jibhi at Rs. 40 per head. You will get picked up at Jibhi.

You can also take a taxi from Aut to Bahu straight, for Rs. 1200.

Here’s the Google maps link:


This is a no plastic zone. If you bring your plastic, please take it back.
Psychotropic drugs are prohibited on the premises.


View from Balcony

And the whole place was illuminating with Bonn fire

Another mesmerizing view from the Balcony

Snow peaks seen from cabins

Peaks visible from the Cabins

First light of day on Jalori Jot – Window view

Morning view from Balcony

Morning glory over the cabins

Bahu view

Well furnished Cedar wood rooms.

What else you looking for

Duplex rooms for the visitors.