Off The Trail Cabins- A new getaway Heaven

Off The Trail Cabins- A new getaway Heaven

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If you are looking for a perfect place to spend 2-3 days in the laps of Himalayas finding yourself than here is perfect place I can suggest you. Right in the middle of a apple orchard surrounded by beautiful Himalayan mountains, on a top of hill around 2300 mts of altitude, away from many booming tourist place in Himalayas lies the Off The Trail Cabins. I cannot express the feel of the place in a blog in few words or in some pictures but being a long time traveler can assure you one can find peace here.

How to Reach ?

Its the place called Bahu 1o kms towards Gadda Gushaini from one of most booming tourist destination in Himachal called Jibhi in Banjar region of Himachal Pradesh.

Here’s the Google maps link:

Why go stay at Bahu rathen than Jibhi?

I would preffer to stay at Bahu than Jibhi, as the later is a valley with river flowing so its too cold in winters and one cannot expect sunlight before 10 and for very few hours, its too commercialized so lots of light pollurion in nights for star gazers and for very few hours whereas Bahu is at mountain top so can feel very first light of day and lots of open skies so can expect nice evening and mountain views.

Places to explore nearby:

Beside a small pond and a Temple 2 kms morning walk there are many place one can explore nearby-

Gadda gushaini a very small village with extremely beautiful settings is just 10 kms around.

Jalori pass is 20 kms from the place. One can also add many small villages which are very less explored and hidden treasures of Himachal pradesh.

There are many routes for 4X4 lovers in the region which are unknown to community can be explored from the site.

For Stargazers its a must visit place with minimal light pollution one can easily observe the milky way and meteor shower.

What to expect ?

Well to be very frank this place is owned by one of my friend who himself is a traveler and knows everything about expectations of a traveler. Beautiful serenity is one of the most desired thing along with nice finger licking good food and amazing hospitality.

Here are few pictures from my side

View from Balcony- Spot the meteor in the frame

And the whole place was illuminating with Bonn fire

Another mesmerizing view from the Balcony

Snow peaks seen from cabins

Peaks visible from the Cabins

First light of day on Jalori Jot – Window view

Morning view from Balcony

Morning glory over the cabins

Bahu view

Well furnished Cedar wood rooms.

What else you looking for

Duplex rooms for the visitors.

My thought

As per my requirments, I loved the place man. For a guy like me who loves peace , serenity and ample of open skies with lots of mountains around I lived and loved each moment spent at the place in the fields, surrounded by apple trees, Organic home grown vegetable and nice kitchen to add up with People possessing amazing travelers hearts, I think that is more than enough to wish for ,

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