Monsoon Visit to Prashar Lake

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It was quite time since I have visited Prahsar lake. I always wanted to go there in Monsoons but monsoons can be treacherous in Himalayas, Mountain slides, flash floods and many risks are always involved. Zeal of being above the clouds can only be fulfilled on mountain tops especially in Monsoons as all the clouds are flying towards higher grounds.

Monsoon magic, Paddy fields enroute Sundernagar

My gypsy enroute Prashar

So all set and Plan finalized of a over night trip to the adobe. All packed and I joined by my better half and my Son. The drive was beautiful all lush green hills and clouds engulfing the jungle and surrounding and it was all so photogenic. I will shut me up and let the picture talk.

My better half and My Son

My gypsy enroute Prashar

Another beautiful hidden lake Near Prashar

Amazing light and Heavenly road

Light show in Monsoons

Up above the clouds

PWD rest house in Heavens

Meadows of prashar in monsoons

Amazing Sunset

Sunset Glory, Prashar at its best

Golden hour amazing views

Last light of the day

A Panorama of sunset at Prashar

We already had the FRH rest house booked for the night. A well spent night for a better next morning beauty and Believe me mountains never broke my expectations.

I also made a timelapse of floating clouds in surroundings hope you enjoy that


Colors of mother nature

Prashar temple

My Family

Green glory of Prashar lake and temple

The perfect offroader

Mandi town under clouds

Sundernagar lake at night



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