Day 1 The conquest of Jalori

Day 2 Chitkul- The last village of India

Woke up early after a bumpy ride from Jhakri but was feeling too lazy to get off the bed, but as have to switch up with the schedules I finally left room around 9:00, and had breakfast along with friends I met last evening. Left Chitkul around 10:00am as planned initially to visit Kalpa, then give a try for permits of Shipki la at Peo and then to move Shipki la and further but all my planning gone vain as I gotta know that the DM was out of station. Unfortunately it was Saturday, ahh… luck didn’t work this time. So I  started for Peo and then decided to head towards Nako on the same day so that can save time for further riding plans.


Beautiful Baspa river and Valley
Beautiful Baspa valley near Sangla
A Village in Baspa river valley
Dangerously beautiful rockcut road to Sangla
Road to Peo along with Raging Satluj
Peo town with Kinner kailash Range

Till Akpa ride was quite rough but after few kms the road changed into awesome newly black tarred smooth roads and it was fun riding on Indo-Tibet road. After having a break in Spello started further ride towards Peo. Roads were not great condition here and the things got worse when clouds came along chilling winds.

Aproaching Akpa while riding along with Very Deep valley
Never Ending road alongside Never ending Valley
Beautiful Butt Break Spot- A raging water stream
Yet another Butt break spot while apraoching Spello
These forts are believed to be constructed by Pandvas near Spello
Welcome to Spello the gate says this 🙂

Just crossing after Khaab and climbing few kms there comes the series of Zigs towards Ka village which is commonly known as Ka Zigs and it was real fun riding on there and in no time around 7:30 I was in Nako village and. Luckily all of sudden met there an IITian, facebook friend Roushon Singh who was also riding to Spiti, so we planned to ride further together for rest of ride.

The famous Khaab Bridge- Confluence of Spiti and Satluj River(coming from Right)


Series of Hair pin bends know as Ka-zigs
The whole view changes after climbing Ka-zigs, yet another view of hair pin bends
Ka village after climbing Ka-Zigs, the green patch is village itself
Climb towards Nako
Beautiful Sunset at Nako

Day 4 Welcome to Spiti-First View

Day 5 Sky villages of Spiti

Day 6-10 Pin Valley Mud Suprise

Day 11-12 Kaza-Manali A Different Feel