Hamirpur-Tissa-Pangi-Leh-Manali-Hamirpur Part 3

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For previous story please visit Day 1 and 2

Part 2 Day 3

Day 4 Leh- Pangong Tso-Spangmik (160 kms)

It was like rest day and small travel to us as considering our travel plans previous days. After waking up around 7 we were searching the friends of Naveen and found them easily. After getting fresh and feeling the bellies the plans was to visit Pangong tso but before that we wanted to get our ride inspected before we continue the journey as its 4X4 gear shaft was shaking a bit. A couple of hour in the mechanical area of the town and we were ready to hit the road. we left around 1 from Karu and was fun journey till Spangmik. Not to mention much lets the pictures do the Talking.

Here is my Older post regarding Magical Colors of Pangong Tso from my previous visits.

Shey Monastery

The greens of laadakh

Tsoltak Post after Chang La pass

Last light of day on Pangong road

Durbuk Settlement

Tsanste Phorbrang road in Golden Hour

The V of Valley

Night at Spangmik


Day 5 Spangmik-Karu-Sarchu (340 kms)

It was amazing night we spent as Pangong full of Fun, Bonefire, lots of Rum and amazing talks between the friends and friends of friends. It was time we start our return Journey so the plan was back to Karu, fill the tanks and Hit the Manali Leh highway till Sarchu. Day was lazy start and amazing at the banks of Pangong. Yet another fun filled day on the road with amazing light show and lots of scenic beauty around.

First light of day at Pangong Tso

Morning glory at Pangong Tso

The J&K Tourism huts

Magical Pangong Tso

Blue waters of Pangong Tso

The chinese seagull

The Pangong

The guys at Pangong

Yet another shot of clear waters of Pangong Tso

The huts and the mountains

On the way back home

Marmot around Tangste

The landscape

Another Landscape

The Changla and its curves

Around Shakti

On Manali Leh Highway around Rumste

Climb of Tanglang La

The Tanglang la

View from Tanglang la towards More Plains

More Plains and there inhabitants

Black Tarmac at More Plains

Amazing beauty of More Plains

More plains and the live stock

KAngla Jal

Last light of the day

The beauty- Worldless

Yet another sunset shot

The Sarchu plains and the mountains of Zanskar- A night shot

Star trail at Sarchu

Day 6 Sarchu-Manali-Hamirpur (415 kms)

It was early start of the day as today we decided to reach home. It was a long and slow journey as always as journey to back home is always slow. everything was going accordingly untill we reach Bahang where we met a heart breaking 4-5 hour long jam. we reached back home around 2:30 am .

Sarchu Plains


Beautiful Suraj Tal

Somewhere near Sissu.


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