Guide to click Dragon Fly

Getting best pictures are always co-related with the opportunity to click it and clicking a Dragonfly needs the lot of patience and devotion.

Black Dragon Fly



Equally important are the equipments needed to shoot perfect and elegant images. Macro lens, a long telephoto zoom lens is very essential while getting a picture of Dragonflies, other insects and small creatures/things.

Macro View of Fly
Macro View of Fly


Optimal Camera Settings:

Depth of field is very important while clicking and it should not be less than F8 value to get a good sharp picture of fly.
A good tripod is also very essential for getting sharp pictures.

Red Fly


Getting a perfect exposure is also as equally important so one should adjust accordingly or should click in RAW so that can be managed later on while post processing the picture. Shutter speed around 1/200 sec or higher is quite good to get sharp images.

ISO should be adjusted accordingly with respect to the amount of light, Luckily most of them are most active during afternoon time so one can click the picture with good shutter speed and low ISO.


Red Dragonfly


Metering should be Spot metering, Single point focus and manual focus should be prefered.


Pink Dragonfly


Composing a picture is equally important. Getting close to the subject can sometimes surprise you with the results, so trying different compositions are always worth. One should not be afraid of getting closer and filling the frame.


Last but not the least, studying about the behaviour of the subject is always important so that one can judge the
movements of the subject and plan shots accordingly.

Tip:- Dragonfly will always sit back on same position from where it took off.