Chitkul- The last village of India

Day 1 The conquest of Jalori

Waterfall seen on the way to Srahan

Day 2

Its my second day of ride from Jhakri to Chitkul so-called last village of  India and was really excited as I was going to touch the Land of Kinnaur. It was a dream come true to visit Kinnaur. I got ready and headed towards my Bullet, Ohhh it had a flat front tyre. I quickly took out my foot pump and filled the tyre and rode the bike to nearby puncture shop at Jhakri. After fixing the tyre and having breakfast I left from jhakri around 10 am. Beautiful serene surrounding, good road and nice cool breeze blowing, I was loving the ride. Just after few Kms of ride, my riding jacket was missing and got worried so turned the bike back to find it and just 1 km behind saw a guy picking up my jacket and was about to put it on his scooter. I shouted from far itself “Ruko bhai, ruko bhai saab ye meri hai ise na le jao “ and that way I got it back and then realised that a truck passed over it and shoulder gaurd was out of shape and with few stretches and punches it was back in shape.

Common mysterious roads of Kinnaur

Reached Jeori in no time and took a right turn to Sarahan. It was a nice road and rode up towards teher and wanted to visit the famous Bheemkali temple and I was there in few minutes,in front of beautiful and sacred Bheem kali temple. Clicked few pics around then had a tea, I decided to ride to my next destination with the blessings of Mata Bhimakali. I came down to Jeori and continued my journey towards Kinnaur.

Bheemkali ma temple at Srahan


Just after few kms there came the gate welcoming me into Kinnaur and then just after few more Kms I reached the real mountain gate of Kinnaur, a mandatory click and I am off again to beauty rock-cut roads of Kinnaur. Ride was good till Wangtu and roads were also awesome black tarmac with no pit holes but after Wangtu whole black tarmac changed into rough road and now I don’t had to worry at all for pot holes and gravel as it was full of those stuff.


Welcome to Kinnaur
Real gate of Kinnaur
Rock cut roads of Kinnaur

I saw 2 small hut shops so had a small tea snack break at Wangtu, then continued my journey to Tapri. But another pit stop just few kms ahead of  Wangtu and road widening work was in progress. After an hour break because of road clearance in sun beating afternoon started my journey again, reached Tapri, got my tank filled and after few kms reached Karcham and there took turn towards Sangla valley.

Road to Sangla

Had heard a lot about Sangla valley form many others and it was also one of my dream destinations and yes its place worth dreaming, beautiful challenging rock-cut roads with deep valley around, and reached Sangla in no time. It was first time that I felt real chill in the air. Sangla crossed and continued towards Rakcham, all beautiful silent valley full of life, just can’t express feelings in words as one has to be there to feel this beauty.

Sangla village
Beauty of Sangla Valley

Rakcham crossed and all of sudden drastic change in terrains, crossed first nallah crossing of the ride and it was damn exciting. When I saw that nullah, I realised that now its time for real riding fun,I was waiting for such nullahs and rough terrains to ride on.

Road after Rakcham to Chitkul
Naveen thakur and his Friends

Road was nice till Chitkul and Ride was fun with lots of mesmerizing views to remember and click. Reached Chitkul around 6pm found a nice cozy room for 250 bucks so parked my Bullet safely. I asked the owner for some liquor and she told that only Kinnauri is available. A wine made up of barley and apple wine is still quite fresh as it will take 15 more days for apple wine. Got a company there found 4 guys from Rajsthan and a Driver from Hamirpur itself and a group of 5 Isreali girls which came down at the restraunt for Dinner. I was enjoying the evening and all of sudden found someone shouting my name outside and met Naveen Thakur, a guy from Hamirpur there and one of my riding friend came chitkul with his friends and family, which meant more party with a bonfire and lots of barley wine .


Also created a Timelaps Video of a Chitkul evening, Hope you guys enjoy it


Last home of last village of India
Sunset on Himalayas
Sunset at Chitkul
Night view from PWD rest house Chitkul
High mountains surrounding Chitkul
Tradition Ghraat at Chitkul

It was awesome feeling spending time in last inhabited village of India. I get excited by mere thought of that place. Hope someday I shall go there soon and spend few more days exploring adjoining areas around.

Editor: Garima

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