Being a Maruti Gupsy Owner

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googlebd30f45e706aa0df (1)Here are few links of my Gypsy adventure

Manimahesh Visit

Prashar in Monsoons


Maruti Gypsy, A well known among Indians especially in Himalayan regions of the country. Like thousands of Indians I also always wanted to own one and after getting real feel of roaming in Gypsy in Himalayas I just couldn’t delay the dream of owning one. Hunt started of searching a good condition old gypsy and it took around 7-8 months until I found one nearby in good condition. Engine was in good shape but the body work was needed. After negotiating a good deal I got the vehicle.

First phase was getting the vehicle check how much work it needed. Body needed overhauling, brake pads changed, Radiator was in bad condition so changed and after servicing and all vehicle was in very nice driving condition. Now it was time for road test so decided to have few trips around. First bit lengthy trip was to Kotgarh, deep in Rural Shimla and was a good test drive and vehicle performed nicely. Than took a short weekend trip to Prashar with Family and again vehicle performed nicely. Than the next trip was to another anterior place in Himachal to Manimahesh Chamba and everything gone fine so there was no problem and Now my decision of owning a old vehicle was wise.

The day I bought her

First offroad experience

Mode of Transportation- The Gypsy

The perfect offroader

My gypsy enroute Prashar


It was the time for body work now. There were plenty of options like making 2 men cabin , A hard top one and a soft top version. I decided to go for soft top for my gypsy as it will reduce the weight of vehicle and also give option of seating more than two people. After a long thought process I decided to head to Jalandhar for body work and after researching few places there decided to left the vehicle with Supreme auto work on Ladowali Road Jalandhar. he took almost a month and when I went back to pick up the vehicle I was very pleased with the work done.

Work under progress ripping of old body

Ripped off

everything off the vehicle

Filling the gaps

Remaking the body

Everything including old paint ripped off

Applying Primer coat

Finishing primer coat and some inside works

Vehicle after few primer coats

All primer coats done time for base coat

After fist paint coat

New bars and seats installed

new door panels installed

After another coat of paint

After Final paint coat

Installing soft top

Soft top installed now New wind shield remaining

Body work done

Than the day came when I received the call regarding vehicle is ready for delivery . Than also decided to get new shoes for Gypsy and after quite a research I decided to go for Comforcer 215 70R15 AT tyres which have been tested since last three months in all kind of Terrain and are doing better than I expected .

Fist click when I went to get my ride

New shoes for my Gypsy

At tyres

Getting new tyres installed

Scrubbing the decals on tyres

Me with her

The transformed Vehicle back in ally


Here I just thought of sharing my experience with the Gypsy and I am Loving it 🙂

Here are few links of my Gypsy adventure

Manimahesh Visit

Prashar in Monsoons


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    Amazing Bro
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